First generation of Taekwondo University Students

A total of 28 students from 10 different countries, are part of the first generation of future Taekwondo professionals with a university degree.

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Students from countries such as Russia, France, Canada, Kosovo, Tahiti, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Belgium and Argentina, are the ones who decided to follow this education and chose this path as the best option to support sport in their respective nations.


From both carrers offered by Hwashin University, Korean Culture, Language and Martial Arts Bachelor’s Degree and Martial Arts & Combat Sports Excellency Diploma (MACSED), Future professionals will learn different weapons to help them contribute in the growth of Taekwondo in their countries on the public and private area.


This is the first group of students who aspire to take their diploma and return to their respective countries with the greatest expertise in sports and traditional Taekwondo, emerged in Korea and complemented with its great contributions.


This week they will be facing their first exams in subjects such as Combat (gyeorug), shapes (poomase), defense (ho shin sul​​) and Korean language. Assessed by Korean and European teachers of the highest level.


Moreover, the registration for new students in the second semester, begins in September, and is now open.


To contact you can communicate directly with the university or for Spanish queries to the following email:espanol.hscu@gmail.com or telephone number: +821040852060.




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  1. Hello to all students of HSCU, greeting for HSCU.
    I wish you all success in examinations.
    These studies will help us even more to promote Taekwondo in our countries.
    Greeting from KOSOVO

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