The story of a fighter, Gianfranco Borgetti

Gianfranco, 17 years old, had just won the Argentina National Junior Championship, when he and his family returning to his hometown Cordoba, had a terrible car accident that caused the loss of one of his legs.

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On November 24, 2012, Gianfranco Borgetti became the National Champion at the Centro Nacional de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo – CeNARD (High Performance National Training Center) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and after the event that gave him a deep satisfaction finished, he, his family (Gianfranco´s father, mother and sister) and his coach, Alejandro Sánchez prepared their trip to return to their hometown Córdoba, located about 800km northwest of Buenos Aires. The trip back home would be at night because they wanted to arrive early to Cordoba.

According newspapers information of that tragic day, the vehicle banged the divider and flipped over to the other side of the road in the Córdoba-Rosario highway. The incident occurred shortly after 7:30 am.

2013-02-19_(57995)x_Arg2bWhile the accident was spectacular, as seen in the photograph, the occupants of the Renault Mégane were not seriously injured except for the young Taekwondo champion:  the accident cost him his left foot.

Gianfranco faced several operations on his leg and hip and subsequently the doctors decided to amputate his leg.  However, just four days after the accident, he posted on Facebook: “Hi …. I’m back in Cordoba ….I love you all! Thanks for your support and strength you all have given me during this time, I deeply thank you all from the bottom of my heart … It is hard what’s happening to me, but don´t worry, I will get over it little by little … “

Gianfranco´s accident caused deep consternation in Argentina, (not only in the Taekwondo family but all the society), since the story was painful, but above all, ironic. The outpouring of support and affection came immediately, especially because several blood donors were needed for his operations.

Three months after the accident, Gianfranco wrote again a post on his Facebook with the same positive attitude and said: “after the crash of November 25, 2012, all I think and dream is to get back to do what I love the most and what I enjoy doing. For eleven years I have practiced the same sport, it is something that I have in my veins and in my blood.  It’s something I will never stop doing in my life. I cannot wait to train TAEKWONDO again back to competing, back to travelling with my teammates. You don´t have any idea how much I miss Taekwondo .Along with this post Gianfranco posted a picture of him proudly wearing his dobok.


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Now, after four months of his tragic accident, all Taekwondo family is astonished and surprised to see how Gianfranco has overcome his accident. He has showed us that the phrase “I can´t” does not exist for him. The video that comes with this story tells us that HE IS A HEROE!

His optimism and positive attitude should serve as an example to all those that for various reasons feel depressed.




Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusivo masTaekwondo.com




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  1. gracias por enseñarnos que la vida es unica que siempre hay que aprovechar las oportunidades que nos presente demostrar la valentia que tienes

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