Taekwondo was named in a geisha house

Today exactly 58 years ago, Taekwondo received its name for the first time, and the meeting was held in a peculiar place:  a classic Korean pleasure house masTaekwondo.com ESPAÑOL



“Taekwondo is named in a Korean geisha house” is the title of Chapter 5 of the book “A Killing Art. The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do”, the great book that describes the darkest moments of our martial art´s beginnings.

While it may seem a little strange to us, the use of a place like that for carrying out such a meeting, where important decisions were taken, it was not unusual in Korea during those times.

The kisaeng houses or Korean geisha houses were places of amusement in which government officials and people with a lot of power and money gathered to eat, drink rice wine, gamble and have fun in different ways while taking crucial decisions that marked the future of Korean society and of the world, in this particular case.

On April 11, 1955 Gen. Choi Hong Hi call for a meeting in one of the most important kisaeng houses to leading politicians, businessmen, journalists and masters, like the great Nam Tae Hi and the powerful Duk Sung Son: leader of the Chung Do Kwan.

While the group of people, who had this meeting, are known today as the “Nomination Committee of Taekwondo”, history actually tells us that the situation was very different from what we know now and it was not as simple as it seemed…


Learn more about this great historic summit meeting of our sport, reading A Killing Art.”.


If Taekwondo is your passion … you deserve to know the truth!


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