New Competition Grading to Obtain Ranking Points

The World Taekwondo Federation has arranged a new grading for events that will award points for the WTF World Ranking. Previously the maximum was G 10, now will double to G20. masTaekwondo + SPANISH  


The commission appointed by the WTF to shape what would be the Grand Prix Series, was also commissioned to do a new grading for ranking points. Those in charge of this work were: Philippe Bouedo (French Taekwondo Federation), Gary Hall (British Taekwondo Federation), Dai Won Moon, Jin Bang Yang, Jeongkang Seo and Adit Arora.

This new grading doubles the amount of points that were awarded to the Olympics, going from G 10 to G 20, while the World Championship would become G12.


The circuit called the “Grand Prix Series” will also award a lot of ranking points since the preliminary stage will be G4 while the final event will have the status of G8.


Following the events that will award points for the WTF World Ranking:





WTF Sanctioned tournaments
World University Championships
Multi-Sport Games
World Military Championships


WTF Sanctioned tournaments
CISM World Games


Grand Prix Series
Continental Championships
Continental Multi-Sport Games (with 4 year cycle)


Grand Prix Final


WTF World Championships


Summer Olympic Games



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