Mexico Arrived in South Korea and is Preparing for the World Championships

Starting an important phase of preparation towards the World Championships in July, the Mexican team arrived in South Korea where it will participate in Canadian and Swiss G1 events to score points.

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The Mexican Taekwondo Federation (FMTKD) reported that about fifteen competitors are already located in Asia and are getting ready to refine details ahead of the World Championships as the Canadian and Switzerland Opens, both score points for the WTF World Ranking.


It is important to remember that Mexico will host the 21st (14th Women’s) World Taekwondo Championships, Puebla 2013 and due to their history they must be stars in their own country and worldwide, Aztecs were unable to access to any podium in the previous version of this event.


The strategy for the Taekwondo National Team changed radically since the trips to the Opens were cancelled and this was for a very good reason. Initially the Federation announced that the Taekwondo National Team was planning to travel and assist to the U.S.,German and Dutch Opens; However, from these three trips only the first one took place, which was the U.S. Open in Las Vegas, the rest were cancelled because Germany and Holland do not count as points for the World Ranking.


The Aztec team will remain in South Korea until April 20 and towards the end of this month they will take part in a G1 Canadian championships which provides Ranking points. Later on the National Teams will travel to Switzerland, to another similar G1 championships. After the trip to Switzerland, the Mexican Taekwondo Federation will make a decision according to its rules and history and will decide who will represent Mexico in World Taekwondo Championships, Puebla 2013 to be held in July. Team

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