Kamaladdin Heydarov never thought about running for the WTF presidency

After hearing rumors about the possible candidacy of Mr. Kamaladdin Heydarov for president of the World Taekwondo Federation, masTaekwondo.com consulted sources in Azerbaijan and they categorically denied it. masTaekwondo.com ESPAÑOL

Kamaladdin Heydarov, who, besides of being the president of the Taekwondo National Federation in his country, is a Government Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, made headlines in recent days because he was linked to a possible running for the presidency of the World Taekwondo Federation. For this reason, and making professional journalism, masTaekwondo.com decided to talk to the Vice-President of the Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation, Mr. Naghi Safarov, who kindly talked to us.


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Kemaleddin Heydarov-Hello Mr. Safarov, this is masTaekwondo.com.  Could you give us some minutes to talk?

Hello, it is a pleasure to talk to you. How can I help?


After some speculations in some websites which mentioned that the President of the Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation, Mr. Heydarov, wanted to run for the presidency of the WTF, we wanted to verify this story, can you confirm this?

Of course, and let me tell you: First of all, I appreciate masTaekwondo.com´s communication with us; it shows your concern and high professionalism. Secondly, I want to make clear that Mr. Heydarov gives 100% support to Dr. Choue. Here in Azerbaijan we are all in favor of the reelection of Dr. Choue due to the great work he has been doing during his leadership. For that reason, I reiterate that the information that has been published in certain web sites about Mr. Heydarov´s running for the presidency is totally wrong and out of place.


Is Mr. Heydarov postulating for a position in the WTF?

Mr. Heydarov is seeking for Vice-President of the WTF, because as I mentioned before, it has been a pleasure to work and contribute in Dr. Choue´s management. He has done an excellent job, and Azerbaijan is very happy with it.  So Mr. Heydarov is seeking to work in the same position the next term, and continue giving his experience and knowledge.


Mr. Safarov, we thank you very much for your attention and for clarifying the situation. Do you want to add anything else?

We thank masTaekwondo.com for the professionalism in your work to spread our beloved sport worldwide and we want to reiterate that Azerbaijan will support Dr. Choue´s reelection for his running for WTF president.



Alex Korram, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com





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