New USAT Directors Board

USA Taekwondo announced the results of the recent Board of Directors elections for the positions of Referee and three Club Owners seats ESPAÑOL


The U.S. Olympic Committee‘s Audit Division administered the collection of the ballots and validated the ballots cast in time to meet the deadline.


The results of the balloting are as follows:

Referee: John Holloway  (65 votes); Dan Rogers  (5 votes)

Club Owners: Sang Cha (144 votes); Seth Wilson (122 votes); Sammy Pejo (114 votes); Ji Ho Choi (77 votes); Samuel Lider  (54 votes); Randy Waitman (25 votes); Lou Glamo (21 votes).



Based on the results of this election, the new Board of Directors, once seated, will consist of:

John Holloway (Referee Director); Sang Cha, Seth Wilson, Sammy Pejo (3 Club Directors); Luciano Medina (Coach Director); Affiliated Sports Organization Representative (To Be Named); Lynda Laurin (USOC AAC Rep); and 2 AAC Athlete Reps (To Be Named by AAC).


These nine (9) Board of Directors will elect the four (4) Independent Directors. The three (3) current Independent Directors who served on the Transitional Board of Directors are eligible for reelection to the new Board of Directors. The new USA Taekwondo Board of Directors increases from eleven (11) members to a maximum of thirteen (13) members.

The USA Taekwondo Transitional Board of Directors is to be commended on their selfless sacrifice of service to our organization during a very difficult and a truly transitional time for the organization.




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