The WTF hunts PSS counterfeiters

In a letter signed by WTF Secretary General, Jean-Marie Ayer, entitled "Urgent Notice", it was disclosed the discovery of an electronic foot protector bearing false WTF logo, in France.



RECOGNITION AGREEMENTAs it can be assumed by the letter, the World Taekwondo Federation has become aware that there is an illegal and invalid PSS, more precisely an e -foot protector, which, apparently, is being commercialized as official material and approved by the WTF. “This e-foot protector is not recognized nor approved by the WTF. Therefore, it is illegally marked with the WTF Logo and it is invalid for use in WTF Promoted or Sanctioned events. ”


Arguably, the most important part of the message is in the following paragraph: “Be advised that any athlete who uses invalid PSS equipment is subject to disqualification under Articles 2.1 and 5.1 of the WTF Competition Rules and Interpretation”



As of February 2013, the World Taekwondo Federation recognizes only two Electronic Protection Systems (Daedo and KP & P).


There are not historic records available, that indicates that the WTF itself had come out to disclose fake material, because presently there are thousands of products “unapproved”, sold with the WTF logo, and some of them are used without problems in official events.


Jean-Marie Ayer finished the letter, in which in the first paragraph the word “Taekwondo” is misspelled (The World Takewondo Federation), saying: “Member National Associations should take the necessary steps to inform their members of the information contained in this notice.” Team

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