The nomination for elections in the WTF begins

After the intense nervous excitement  caused  by the speculation of the permanence of Taekwondo in 2020 Olympics,  the WTF is starting to prepare the 2013 elections that will be held  next July in Mexico. ESPAÑOL


Ivan Dibos, President of the  Ad-Hoc Elections Committee sent a letter to those want to be candidates for all positions in the WTF Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Board Member or Auditor).

The elections will be held in Puebla, Mexico, on July 14, 2013 and it is speculated that the elections will not affect the permanence in the WTF leadership of the current President and Secretary General, Chungwon Choue and Jean-Marie Ayer, respectively, since, apparently, there would not be candidates for those positions. But the situation would be very different for the positions of vice presidents and members of the Executive Council, which according to rumors, the struggle and competition would be fierce.

Applicants must complete and submit a signed application along with all required supporting documents before the deadline, which is Friday, April 12, 2013 Applications sent by mail must be received by April 12 at 11:59 pm (South Korean time).

After receiving the applications, the Ad-hoc Election Committee, leaded by Peruvian Ivan Dibós, and assisted by  Michel Madar and Milan Kwee, will check the documentation to ensure that it meets the requirements.

Subsequently, the Election Committee will send a summary of the resume of all candidates (electoral platform) on or before May 13, so that all members are aware and informed who is postulating and what his plans are.  This will help to make a judicious decision when voting for the Executive Council of the World Taekwondo Federation.

Ivan Dibós added in his message:  “For more information, please refer to the World Taekwondo Federation Election Bylaws and the 2013 Elections Procedure. Both documents are available on the WTF website. Any questions should be addressed to me and sent to the following: By email: By fax: +82 2 553-4728”.

Last elections were held during the General Assembly held in Copenhagen in 2009. At that time Dr. Choue  defeated  by far Nat Indrapana amid a tense atmosphere, as those elections were conducted among accusations and outrageous situations.


Claudio Aranda, Exclusive


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