Taekwondo goes to the Opera!

Chunhyangjeon - the story of Chunhyang: An operetta telling a traditional Korean story.


The performance will be held on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Korean Cultural Center in Vienna on 3 May 2013.


The production team is looking for six extras to be part of this performance. The important thing of this search is that these people must have expertise in Taekwondo. If any of you are interested, do no worry, you do not need to sing!

The producers are looking for Taekwondo practitioners to perform on the 3rd of May at 19.00 p.m. and be available before that date to have one or two rehearsals. The lucky ones who will be chosen will have the opportunity to wear beautiful Korean traditional costumes that will be made especially for the occasion.


The reward for the effort will the unforgettable and unique experience of standing on a stage (small) in front of a lot of people and the satisfaction and awareness to have contributes to the success of a Korean operetta production!



Interested? www.mudokwan.at

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