Ky Tu Dang Confirmed for the Teachers Squad

The great world champion and 8th Dan master, will be in charge of teaching Poomsae for the Bachelor Degree in Korean martial arts, language and culture at the Hwashin University.



All students who initiate these university will have the opportunity to take classes and teachings from this great Poomsae specialist.

Ky Tu Dang, who has been recently named by ETU President Pragalos as poomsae Referee Director, also meets advisory functions for the WTF.

As the Career Director, Philippe Pinerd, explained, “Ky Tu is very excited about the project, and in April he will return to Korea to complete the contents of his course, based on the official parameters for poomsae competition”.


The incorporation of a master as such magnitude as Ky Tu Dang, shows the quality of education the career will have, but fundamentally the seriousness with which this project was initiated.


During these days, we will present one by one the rest of the teachers who will be part of this great squad of dreams.

We are definitely facing a proposal that will revolutionize the education of our martial art and sport in the entire world, and we can all be part of it.



Matías Rojas, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas



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