Everything is set for the 2013 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships

The city of Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada in the United States, is ready to receive a new version of the classic U.S. Open Taekwondo. ESPAÑOL  



A large majority of teams are already settled in Las Vegas, and those yet to come will be doing it during the day.


In combat this event awards points for the World Ranking of World Taekwondo Federation in the G2 category and will be held from February 19 up to 23.


According to the changes proposed in December by the WTF, the official categories for combat will be divided as follows:


Cadets: From 12 up to 14 years old

Juniors: From 15 up to 17 years old

Seniors: + 17 years old


The category of Poomsae competition will also take place during the 2013 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships, this will be a massive event that will be also opened for youth and ultra divisions (+33 years old).


Competitions will be developed in the Paradise Event Center for LVH (Las Vegas Hotel & Casino) and can be followed through




Competition Schedule by categories:


Tuesday – February 19

All Poomsae divisions.


Wednesday – February 20

 All Youth divisions (10-11 years old)

 All Cadet divisions (12-14 years old)

 All Ultra divisions (+33 years old)


Thursday – February 21

Senior divisions (+17 years)

Female: LIGHT (-62 kg), WELTER (-67 kg), MIDDLE (-73 kg) and HEAVY (+73 kg)

Male: FIN (-54 kg), FLY (-58 kg), BANTAM (-63 kg) and FEATHER (-68 kg)


Friday – February 22

Senior divisions (+17 years)

Female: FIN (-46 kg), FLY (-49 kg), BANTAM (-53 kg) and FEATHER (-57 kg)

Male: LIGHT (-74 kg), WELTER (-80 kg), MIDDLE (-87 kg) and HEAVY (+87 kg)


Saturday – February 23

All Juniors divisions (15-17 years) Team

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