Changes in the Colombian Federation of Taekwondo

After an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the Colombian Federation of Taekwondo, it was decided to remove Raúl Pinzón Salamanca from the presidency and instead place Jorge Vidal Martinez.

2013-02-01_523x_EScudo-ColombiaChanges within the administrative body of the national board took place on 28 December 2012 and the council called this operation as “rotation of positions.”


The statement sent by the Federation to stated: “As everyone knows, this committee has endeavoured to work and strengthen the image of Colombian Taekwondo. Do not doubt that we will fight for this goal but without leaving behind our league, who are the important pillar in the scaffolding of this Federation, and let’s not forget that they (leagues) are the reason for our existence.”


The new Executive Committee of the Colombian Federation of Taekwondo was composed as follows:


President: Jorge Augusto Vidal Martinez


Vice President: Raúl Pinzón Salamanca


General Secretary: Edwin Rolando Forero Tavera


Treasurer: Javier Hernando Chaves Acosta


Vocal: Cesar Augusto



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