World Taekwondo Open and World Training Camp 2013

CAR La Loma has already planned out the dates and organization of its two most important worldwide events: The World Training Camp and the World Taekwondo Open.



The World Training Camp will be held March 24-29th, 2013, while the World Taekwondo Open will be the weekend of March 30-31st. This year, there are over 2,500 athletes and 25 countries expected to participate, especially those preparing for the World Championships that will be held in Puebla, Mexico in July of this year. And aldo the 2013 Mexican National Olympiad in Aguascalientes.



2013 World Training Camp 2013-01-26_514x_Campamento-Mundial-285-x-333

This event will take place from March 24-29th, in the premises of the High Performance Center, La Loma. There will be 3 daily training sessions divided by age groups and level, from juniors to Olympic teams. Emphasis will be placed on sparring training and there will be numerous sparring sessions. For Taekwondo lovers, this will be one of the few chances in which young athletes can share training with World Champions and Olympians. Let’s not forget that CAR La Loma has all the amenities for food, stay, and the best facilities for training.



2013-01-26_515x_TKD-open-285-x-3332013 World Taekwondo Open

On March 30-31st, 2,500 athletes from 25 countries of all ages and categories are expected to participate in the World Taekwondo Open. The Senior Olympic Divisions will compete with Daedo Electronic hogus. The most important competition goals will be preparing for the 2013 World Championships in Puebla, the 2013 Mexican National Olympiad, and various tournaments of national and international level of each country. The age divisions that can compete at this tournament will be from 4 years to Masters divisions.

Over 13,000 competitors and their coaches have passed through these facilities through the past 6 years this event has been held, along with more than 18,000 spectators.

Just like the first time it was held, is the Official Sponsor of this event, along with support and collaboration of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation, The Potosina Taekwondo Association, and sponsorship of Daedo International, Protec, and all city organizations and state sports of San Luis Potosi.



Training Camp for the World Championships, Puebla, Mexico 2013 2013-01-26_516x_Campeonato-Puebla-285-x-333

For the first time in the history of Mexico, the World Senior Championships will be celebrated in the city of Puebla, Mexico. This event will be held from the 15th to the 21st of July, with the record participation of nearly 200 nations.


In the search for a High Performance Centre as a training base before the World Championships, CAR La Loma is considered as the best private Center of the High Performance in the World, and will be what makes the difference in the achievement of medals, especially for altitude and time acclimatization.


Altitude in Puebla: 2.147 meters

Altitude in CAR La Loma 1980 meters

Highway distance from San Luis Potosi to Puebla: 3 hours and 30 minutes


To whom this is directed:

– National Teams from all over the world participating in the World Championships

– State teams, University teams and military teams worldwide

– Clubs and private schools with high performance athletes

– High Performance Athletes

– Coaches and taekwondo professionals who wish to attend as observers



Why CAR La Loma?


The High Performance Centre La Loma opened in 2003 as part of the select group of High Performance centers worldwide, together with the CAR of Barcelona, Spain, CAR of Colorado Springs, USA, INSEP of Paris,

France, CAR of Beijing, China and CAR of Sydney, Australia. La Loma is the only one of all these places with the characteristics of being private and not being subject to any public or sporting establishment.

This state-of-the-art facility, which is equipped with modern machinery and areas for high performance training, makes this center the most modern and unique in the world.

Its high performance director, Ireno Fargas Fernandez of Spain, is known as one of the most successful coaches in the World. He will provide his experience in high performance to all coaches and athletes who solicit it during their

preparation in La Loma. Consequently, this will provide skills for achieving great success on the World and Olympic level.

More than 2,000 athletes from 73 countries have passed through our center, including many Continental, World, and Olympic champions.

CAR La Loma is 3 hours and 30 minutes on ground transportation from Puebla city, the home of the World Championships, with a direct spacious and comfortable highway. The center in CAR La Loma is at an altitude of 1,980 meters,

making it the ideal place to prepare for the competition in Puebla (2,147 meters). This will give the athletes training at La Loma a perfect physiological parameter to compete.




All participating athletes and coaches can freely use the following areas for their physical and technical trainings, as well as other activities:

– A 700 square meter fully equipped open area for Taekwondo.

– Fully equipped private Taekwondo areas.

– Weight gym with the latest generation of machines.

– Aerobic area with 62 treadmills for physical preparation.

– Athletic running and mile track.

– Private rooms for reviewing videos and studying fights.

– Meeting rooms and business centers.

– Swimming pools: Olympic indoor pool and semi-Olympic outdoor pool.

– Tennis, squash and racquetball courts.

– Massage, saunas and Jacuzzis.


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