Rwanda Taekwondo Federation hosted its first annual Gorilla Open Taekwondo

On January 12 in Kigali, Rwanda, the Rwanda Taekwondo Federation hosted its first annual Gorilla Open Taekwondo Championships.  For this year's event, players and officials were present from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, and host country Rwanda.




RTF purposed to bring to East and Central Africa a quality event for World Taekwondo Federation and Africa Taekwondo Union and it was the first tournament in the region to be contested using the DAE DO PSS (electronic scoring system).



Many thanks to DAE DO Spain for the help in purchase of the system.  Organizer and director for the tournament, Rwanda’s Coach Martin Koonce, stated that he was very pleased with the tournament as it brought a higher level of competition to the entire region of East Africa.



He also hopes that it will serve to accentuate the growth of Taekwondo not only in Rwanda but also the region.  Next month Coach Koonce is looking forward to the first ever East African Championships, also to be hosted in Kigali, Rwanda on the 22nd and 23rd of February.  The tournament was sponsored by the local NGO of Africa Transformation Network.




Men -54kg

1.  Bimenyimana (RWA)

2.  Hirwa Nshimiyimana (RWA)

3.  Peter Kamau (UGA)


Men -58kg

1.  Sseglja Abdulharim (UGA)

2.  Iyumva Regis (RWA)

3.  Irene Bagire (RWA)


Men -63kg

1.  Dunia Faustin (RDC)

2.  Bagabo Placide (RWA)

3.  Andrew Mugisha (UGA)


Men -68kg

1.  Mtubge Badru (UGA)

2.  Nizeyimana (RWA)

3.  Paol Ogwal (UGA)


Men -72kg

1.  Biraro Olivier (RWA)

2.  Habimana Paul (RWA)

3.  Bernard Mabonga (UGA)



1.  Judith Aujo (UGA)

2.  Zula Mushambokazi (RWA)

3.  Delphine Uwase (RWA)


Best of tournament:

Men Mtulage Badru (UGA)

Women Judith Aujo (UGA)


Medal Count – Rwanda – 10, Uganda – 7, Democratic Republic of Congo – 1


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