New High Performance Centre in Boyacá

On our trip through Colombia, we had the opportunity to visit a new training center that certainly promises to be referenced in the future of Latin American Taekwondo.


The center is located in the city of Sogamoso, department of Boyacá, although the centre is already operating, the official opening will be in March 2013, when all the construction will be finished.


This is the High Performance International Centre of Taekwondo called “René Forero“, this name was given in honor of the introducer of Taekwondo in Boyacá and father of renowned coach of the Colombian national team with the same name.


The center has first class facilities, as a high performance center in Europe or Asia.


The 575 square meter training area has a total of 8 regulation areas of competition. Each area also counts with a full set of official protector and scoring system, LCD screens and video replay system including an aerial camera, the same as used in the last London Olympic Games 2012.


Like all high performance centers, this center has a full capacity hotel or sports hostel fully equipped with rooms.


It also has a weight room, Polarimetry and bag room, medical department for evaluation and periodic inspections, living room, conference room, relaxation area with a regenerative whirlpool for athletes, multipurpose room, physiotherapy sector and a running track, that complete the perfect setting for high level training.



Besides being located in a strategic location for its geographical position, it is also an ideal setting for altitude training as it sits at 2600 meters above sea level and it also maintains a template climate throughout the year.


Located within an idyllic natural setting provided by the fine sands of Playa Blanca in Laguna de Tota in Sugamuxi province where you can enjoy hiking beautiful horses, boating, jet skiing, swimming, Kars and long walks to enjoy the tranquility of a beautiful landscape for camping. Boyacá offers the perfect place to combine both pleasures: Taekwondo and tourism. It counts with the support of Boyacá Governor, Dr. Juan Carlos Granados and Boyacá Indeportes Manager, Dr. Fredy Iovanny Pardo.



In regard to costs, the national economy itself makes it a very accessible to foreigners, as prices in general are extremely low.


And one of the main advantages is that Boyacá has a very high competitive level team, the Boyacense League which brings the greatest number of athletes each year to the national team. Including leading figures who have made history in the cycle that just ended. Olympic Doris “XenaPatiño, Duvan Avella, Monica Olarte, Sandra Vanegas, Katherine Dumar and Sofia Garcia medalists in the Bolivarian Games, South American Games, Central American Games, Pan American Games, Pan American, South American and World Championships. Combat teams have at least 5 athletes in each of the 16 categories. Within poomsae they have the best coach in the country and recent world medalists Olga Agudelo, Leandro Rodriguez and Oscar Diaz.


The Colombian national team has already 5 TOP TEN in the world ranking of the WTF, with the mainly recognized internationally female’s South American Champion team, who was recently invited to participate in the last World Cup held in Aruba Team, where they obtained the 4th place leaving a great impression.



The proposal is underway and soon the doors will be opened for all international teams, who would like to train professionally and who would like to enjoy of all the great benefits that the High Performance International Centre of Taekwondo of Sogamoso will provide.


Boyacá is seeking to become the continental capital of taekwondo and soon we will get you there so that you too can be part of it, just follow us very closely through our publications at




Matías Rojas, exclusive

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas


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