More than 100,000 Fans, the Reward for Being “Original”

Our fan club in Facebook, the largest social network in the world, reached today more than 100,000 fans. In the year that marks our Tenth Aniversary, we continue to think on how to be “different”



Whenever our team has a meeting, we discuss on how to keep innovating; on how to make our ideas be revolutionary, making an impact and marking the trend, with the only objective that our readers find in our Web different ways to be informed, to be able to exchange ideas and opinions with others in our environment, to fall in love with Taekwondo, which is what ultimately keep us together.

Working constantly to innovate or to think differently, made us “original”; knowing that “originality” is the quality of being innovative, creative, revolutionary, always in the cutting edge, which differentiates our work from copies, forgeries, plagiarism, etc.


For all those reasons, we can only say “Thank you” to all our friends and readers, because only for you, we have made it so far, and for you, we will go on.



Claudio Aranda, masTaekwondo Team



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