More about university courses for Taekwondo

Given the large number of inquiries we've had since the global release of this program, our Training Department has decided to create a list of frequently asked questions we have received so far.


What are the costs for the career?

To learn more about the costs for each career, Click here!


Is it necessary to know English to be able to apply for this career?

Yes, at the moment the only two platforms available are English and French. During the course of the year a third language will be confirmed which is Spanish and for 2014: Chinese and Russian.


What are the requirements to apply?

It is essential to have at least two years of proven practice in Taekwondo or Hapkido, and like any college career, completed secondary school.


What steps do I need to take in order to apply for admission to the university?

You can apply easily by following the next application: Click here!


Where will the practice camps be?

The sites for this purpose will be informed once the first cycle of the career begins. However, we can inform that the sites will be strategically distributed around the world, so that each student can have access to a center close to his or her area.


What is the value of the title that I will receive?

Hwashin University is recognized by the South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, therefore the validity is total and absolute worldwide, as any other career (medicine, law, architecture , etc..) carried out in a national university.


When is the deadline to apply?

The first cycle starts in March 2013, so you must have completed all registration steps until February 18 of this year.


Which countries can apply?

It is completely open to all interested students residing in any country in the world. Since is a career taken from home, via internet, there is no need not be of any particular country.


If I have more questions, where I can get more information?

You can contact the Training Department of masTaekwondo.com for further information by Clicking here!


Or directly with the Korean University to the following contact details:


Phone: 0082-10-5848-8919 / 0082-10-4087-1123 (GMT: +9)

Email: ahmail@hscu.ac.kr / kmai@hscu.ac.kr


I am determined, I want to obtain a degree, what do I need to do in order to apply for admission to the university?

You can start the process by completing the following form: Click Here!




Matías Rojas, exclusive masTaekwondo.com

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas




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