Kukkiwon Foreign Instructor Course 2013

For the first time an official Kukkiwon Foreign Instructor Course will take place outside of Korea. The Kukkiwon Foreign Instructor Course 2013 will be held from May 2nd until May 5th 2013 in Vienna, Austria.



Those who pass the final test of the Foreign Instructor Course will receive an official trainer license from Kukkiwon. There will be several classes, depending on the Dan graduation and if other Kukkiwon courses have already been successfully completed:


1st Class Training Course:

Holder of Kukkiwon 8th Dan and 2nd Class Instructor Certificate or Holder of Kukkiwon 9th Dan and Instructor Certificates prior 1996.

2nd Class Training Course:

Holder of Kukkiwon 6th Dan or 3rd Class Instructor Certificate.

3rd Class Training Course:

Holder of Kukkiwon 4th Dan or higher and age over 22 years.

Holder of Kukkiwon 2nd or 3rd Dan can participate at the Master Training Graduation Course if they are over 20 years old. Those who complete the course shall receive a Kukkiwon Instructor Certificate later when they obtain the Kukkiwon 4th Dan.


Promoter: Kukkiwon and Austrian Taekwondo Federation

Organizer: Vienna Taekwondo Federation

Date: May 2nd until May 5th 2013

Place: Sportcenter Donaucity, Vienna, Austria

Fees: € 395.- (1st, 2nd und 3rd Class Training Course)

€ 365.- (Master Training Graduation Course)

€ 50.- (Retesting)
For those who complete application before December 31st 2012 there will be a reduced participation fee (€ 325.- for all courses). Minimum requirement for participation is a Kukkiwon 2nd Dan. Details can be found in the outline.
Deadline: March 15th 2013

Minimum participation number: 120

Maximum participation number: 300

Source: Mudokwan Sportschule



0 thoughts on “Kukkiwon Foreign Instructor Course 2013”

  1. It is not true. There was one in Malaysia last year and one in US a few years back.
    This year in March there is another one in South America.
    It´s not the first time outside of Korea but it is surely the most expensive one…

    1. The most expensive one?
      According to their outline, the fees for the course in Brazil are US $ 500.- which is € 367.- (exchange rate from today).
      The fees for Vienna have been € 325.- for all participants until end of 2012 and are now € 365.- for 2nd and 3rd Dan and € 395.- for 4th dan an higher. Comparing the average cost of living here in Vienna, this is very reasonable.
      I have participated twice at the Foreign Instructor Course in Korea and considering the flight ticket to Seoul (about € 1.000.-) and the accommodation (another € 500.-) I would not say that it was a bargain.
      Here in Vienna we provide accommodation on location for a limited number of participants for very low cost and even if they come from other countries, the total cost for this course will be lower than half compared to flying to Seoul and taking the course there.

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