A New "Protector & Scoring System" Approved by the WTF

The Korean company KP&P will be in charge of marketing this new Protector & Scoring System which was approved by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) at the end of 2012. SPANISH




The only company approved by the World Federation for the PSS so far, was Daedo, but after many tests within Championships in Korea, the company KP&P got the approval of the WTF on October 23, 2012. 2013-01-21_509x_KPyP-e1358639605691


According to the contract, KP&P could not market their Protector & Scoring System but until the end of this January, therefore the Korean company has announced that the new PSS is now available for sale and it will began being used in different official events.


The KP&P PSS has been tested over the past two years by the KTA (Korea Taekwondo Association), who have been making constant adjustments and improvements, reaching excellent results according to the KISS (Korea Institute of Sports Science).


From now on the market for the PSS has two alternatives, the known Daedo and the new KP&P.



“1st Korean National Defense Minister Flag Taekwondo Championships” (09/11/2011)


2013-01-21_508x_pss_KPyP Team

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas


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