ARUBA 20120

Spain is ready for the World Cup

The Royal Spanish Taekwondo Federation has already its defined team to travel to Santa Cruz, Aruba,for the "2012 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships". Meet the team "La Roja".

After the “XIX Championship of His Majesty the King” held in Gandia, Valencia, on Sunday October 28, the coaching staff of “La Española” had its necessary tools to define the male’s team that will travel to Aruba.

The Spanish National Team will be:




Fernando Rascado

Raúl Martínez

Gaspar Trabalon

Daniel Ros

Aram Muñoz

Rosendo Alonso



Jesús Tortosa

José Jesús Márquez



Ignacio Viejo



Jesús Castellanos



Exclusive, Team

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