SUCRE 20120 is already on Sucre

Since this weekend our team has already been installed in the city of Sucre, where the XVII Pan American Taekwondo Championships and the General Assembly of the Continental Union will take place.


With a team of photographers, journalists, technicians, cameramen and systems specialists, arrived in the Bolivian city in order to provide the best news coverage that will be carried on at the Pan American of PATU.


The 25 participating countries plus the special guest: Austria (who will only participate in the Pan American Poomsae Championship), are already settled in Bolivia, waiting for the big event to start.


As the President of the Bolivian Federation, Mr. Alejandro Mansilla, commented exclusively to “It took a lot of effort and work to carry out this event but we are really pleased with the great response we’ve had and being able to carry forward a championship record in participation, technology, becoming the first South American to use the GMS. We’ve brought in professionals that work for the World Federation regarding the graphs and drawings. We are very happy with how things are going so far and we’re grateful that an international media press of such magnitude as is here to support us. ”


Today the official schedule starts with the completion of the General Assembly of PATU, where we’ll be live covering the election results that will determine the new authorities that will govern the American Taekwondo.








Matías Rojas, Exclusive.

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas

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