SUCRE 20120

Canada is already in Bolivian lands

One of the leading candidates to take this historic Pan American Championships, is undoubtedly the Canadian team.


Back in the city of La Paz, the North American team, is waiting patiently to reach the host city of this Pan American Championships, to adapt physically to the high winds of Sucre.

Directed by the National Association President: Chung Su Hwan, who will serve as team leader and will be accompanied by seven national coaches, Canada has submitted a full team battle mode, which counts with big names and new figures to discover that undoubtedly will have everyone talking, they are:



Female Team

Fin (-46 Kg.) – Yvette Yong

Fly (-49 Kg.) – Melanie Phan

Bantam (-53 Kg.) – Ivett Gonda

Feather (-57 Kg.) – Evelyn Gonda

Light (-62 Kg.) – Jade Taillon

Welter (-67 Kg.) – Melissa Pagnota

Middle (-73 Kg.) –  Jasmine Vokey

Heavy (+73 Kg.) – Rachelle Caruso


Male Team

Fin (-54 Kg.) – Jackson Carroll

Fly (-58 Kg.) – Vincent Foster

Bantam (-63 Kg.) – Jocelyn Addison

Feather (-68 Kg.) – Siddhartha Bhat

Light (-74 Kg.) – Maxime Potvin

Welter (-80 Kg.) – Olivier April-Lalonde

Middle (-87 Kg.) – Marc-Andre Bergeron

Heavy (+87 Kg.) – Olivier Pineau


President: Grandmaster Su Hwan Chung

Manager: Christian Hrab

Medic: Ashley Dalton

Head Coach: Shin Wook Lim

Coaches: Raymond Mourad y Paul Germain

Coaches: Katy Pyke y Evangelos Ligeros

Poomsae Athletes

Mohsen Kazemi

William McLaughlin

Jim Rennie

Hyun-Seok Seo

Paul Thibault


Manager/Coach: Master Seoung Min Rim

Matías Rojas, Exclusivo

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas

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