Vice Presidency: The great objective in PATU

Since Ji Ho Choi is the only candidate for president of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, the fight will be to know who will become president of the different regions and consequently Vice President for PATU.

After knowing the different candidates for the positions on the Executive Board of the Pan American Taekwondo Union and after the confirmation made exclusively by Varo Barragán himself about withdrawing his candidacy for presidency (see Note), the attention is focused on who will get the position as presidents of South, Central, North and Caribbean regions.


Whether the elections take place or not Ji Ho Choi will continue as PATU President until next year, since he is the only candidate.


According to a notification sent by the Secretary General of PATU, Roberto Beltran Ramonetti: “PATU elections for the Executive Committee and Board for the next four years will be held during the General Assembly as specified in its statutes.” But according to Article 20 paragraph 6 of the WTF Statutes, the Continental Unions shall hold elections six months after the elections of the World Federation, therefore PATU elections in Sucre, would have to be for one year instead of four years since the WTF elections will be held in July 2013.


These are the names of those who want to represent their area as PATU Vice Presidents:


Vice President for North America

Simon Cheng (Canada) only candidate

Vice President for Central America

Wilmar Alvarado Castillo (Costa Rica) and Frank Silva Urbina (Nicaragua).


Vice President for South America

Alejandro Mansilla Arias (Bolivia), Ricardo Alberto Torres (Argentina) and Osvaldo Adolfo Cáceres (Paraguay).


Vice President for the Caribbean

Francisco Camacho Rivas (Dominican Republic), Anthony Ferguson (Trinidad and Tobago) and José Cornelio (Aruba).


Thus the fact that elections take place still remains unsure, because according to Ji Ho Choi when he exclusively informed to, he explained that “holding elections this year is something that should be decided in conjunction with PATU Council members before the General Assembly in Bolivia. Council members must decide whether this choice is made, it is not my decision. “(See: Ji Ho Choi assures that there will be elections in Sucre)


In a few days we will be able to know if the names published in this note will occupy their new positions or if the same Executive Board will continue until six months after the elections of The World.



Claudio Aranda, Exclusive

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas


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