PUEBLA 20130

The date has been changed for the World Championships "Puebla 2013"

The next World Taekwondo Championships to be held in Mexico next year will no longer take place in June as planned. We contacted the president of the Mexican Federation of Taekwondo to have details.


Mexico won the hosting to Croatia during the WTF Council Meeting, which was held in the premises of the hotel “Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh” of Egypt on April 4 of this year, before the Junior World Taekwondo Championship (See Note, Mexico host the 2013 Absolute World Championships).


From April 4 and until recent days, the date for the World Taekwondo Championships of Puebla was from June 17 to 23 of 2013, but yesterday we communicated with Juan Manuel Lopez, President of the Mexican Federation of Taekwondo and told masTaekwondo. com from South Korea, that the definitive date would be from July 15 to 21 of 2013.


Therefore the “21th (14th Women` s) World Taekwondo Championships, Puebla 2013 “will take place exactly one month from its original date.



Exclusive masTaekwondo.com

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas



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