LONDON 20120

WTF demonstration team at 2012 London Olympics

For the first time in Olympic Taekwondo history, Taekwondo demonstration will be conducted by the WTF demonstration team at 2012 London Olympics.



21 people from Korea (including 19 demonstrators, 2 directors) will be dispatched to London for the show and 7 locals in will join the team. The presentation will be performed 4 times a on August 8, the first day of Taekwondo game.


Only 2 pieces of music are allowed for the demonstration team to performing to. One will be used for the pre-finals and the other, for the final. For this project, a choreographer who works with the world star Lady Gaga participated too.


Director of the team, Mr Choi Sang Young said, ” The choreographer passed his/her knowledge on to us to harmonize the elements in the performance.” thrilled. ” We are ready to show what Taekwondo is this time.”


In the mean time, the WTF demonstration team is scheduled to go through a training camp in Moon-Kyung, Jeollabukdo from July 25 to July 27.

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