The 2012 edition of "Summer Stage" in Murcia has began

As usual, the Royal Spanish Taekwondo Federation is holding its Summer Stage at the High Performance Centre of Murcia, where apart from the concentration, there will be clinics for coaches, referees and athletes.


The teachers in charge of the first trainings are Jesus Rafael Marquez and Jose Alcazar.


Meanwhile, technicians have arrived to attend training courses by: Sport and Women (Deporte y Mujer) (Ibonne La Llana), Video Replay (Jesus Tortosa), Structure of CSD (Esther Garcia Losilla), adapted Games to TKD and Methodology of Taekwondo (Angel Garcia Ferriol), Ergogenic Aids (Emilio Peña) and Applied Science toTKD (Coral Falco).


RFET explains that the excellent climate and facilities located at 50 meters from the beach of the CAR Infanta Cristina of the Region of Murcia, located on the Mar Menor, make an ideal activity for Taekwondo Stage, where athletes practice at the highest level and enjoy a well deserved vacation.


At the request of many technicians who have requested the ability to unify the stage, campus and clinic, the RFET has seen appropriate to perform them together from 19 to 28 of August, in which both technicals and athletes may participate, thus being a saving for those who wish to attend all three events.


The High Combat Competition Training Campus is aimed to cadet athletes, juniors and seniors and is led by the Spanish national team coaches and other national and international prestige contrasted. Team

Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas


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