LONDON 20120

Replay revealed

The taekwondo competition at the 2012 Olympic Games is scheduled to be held Aug. 8-11, 2012 at the ExCeL venue.



The game will kick off at 9am and will be finished at 11pm by awards ceremony.


The competition will be shown real-time on the big screen set up in the arena and when video replay are requested, the replay will be projected on the screen to and open to the audience.

Moreover, for the first time in the taekwondo history, the WTF will present a taekwondo demonstration at the Olympics. For this, the WTF demonstration team and the organizing committee are holding a workshop from June 18-21.


In the mean time, taekwondo gala show in will be held at London Royal Air Force Center on August 8, the day before the kick off, a bid to raise the profile of the sport.




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