LONDON 20121

Natalia Falavigna is Brazil's main hope

Brazil's foremost taekwondo Olympic medal hope Natalia Falavigna arrived in London on July 28.

Natalia Falavigna Silva defeated Karolina Kedzierska of Sweden by 5-2 in the -67kg category.


In 2008 Natalia Falavigna Silva became the first Brazilian to medal in Olympic Taekwondo winning bronze -67kg category in Beijing 2008.


Her numerous other wind include a gold at the 2005 World Championship in Madrid and silver in the 2007 Pan American Games. Natalia is the first Brazilian athlete to be included into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame.


The 28-year-old went to the United States to prepare for the Games. She says she’s in a good state heading into London.


“I think I have made the right choices. I need to have some calmness because of my past injuries. I had to have a smaller Olympic cycle, a better one, a quicker one and also a less stressful one. So, it was a time where I dedicated myself completely to it, worked on it, having to stay away of all this hype of the Olympic Games. I arrive here well, healthy. I’m very happy that, although I have had many troubles, I’m here again.”


“I have 15 opponents. All are favourites to me. I have studied them all, looked for videos, analysed them all during the years. Sometimes you focus on one or another main opponent and then, later, she doesn’t face you. I don’t discard any of them because some of them will be in my way.”


The taekwondo will take place at London‘s Excel Centre.

Source: 7am Sports


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