Kazakhstan taekwondo team prepares for London Olympics

Nursultan Mamayev, Gulnafis Aitmukhambetova and Feruza Yergeshova - will represent Kazakhstan in the taekwondo at the Olympics in London.

A taekwondo oxponent from Shymkent, Nursultan Mamayev, turned 18 this year. This is only the second year where he will perform in the adult age group. However, despite this, he has already achieved considerable success in the international arena. Thus, Nursultan immediately excelled at last year’s Asian Championship in Bangkok, where he won a silver medal. Nursultan Mamayev became known while competing in junior tournaments. In 2008, he won the “Children of Asia” Games in Yakutia and in 2010 he won a silver medal at the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.


Nursultan Mamayev:

“My father enrolled me in taekwondo when I was seven years old. I had ups and downs during these years and even wanted to quit sports because of tough and exhausting training sessions. However, whenever I felt that way my parents would remind me of my goal to win a medal at the Olympic Games. This is the reason why I took up taekwondo. And now I’m close to making my dream come true.”


Taekwondo experts believe that Nursultan Mamayev has a good chance of climbing the Olympic pedestal in London. This optimism is reinforced by successful performance of the young Shymkent resident in the last season of the World Cup in Germany, where Mamayev beat many strong contenders.


Kairat Kyrgyzbayev:

“I believe that our team will win a medal in London. We have what it takes to do this, judging from our athletes’ performance at recent international taekwondo tournaments and the tremendous job we did in training.”


Kazakhstan’s taekwondo team will be in a training camp in South Korea until July 18. This will be followed by training camps in Almaty and the Netherlands, after which Kazakhstan’s team of taekwondo fighters will leave for London.








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