LONDON 20120

Iran’s national Taekwondo team training camp

Iran will be sending 2 males, Mohammad Bagheri Motamed for 68 kg and Yousef Karami in 80kg and one female Sousan Hajipour in 67 kg weight divisions.

These athletes have had a 10-month training camp in preparation for the 2012 Olympics.

Mohammad Bagheri Motamed


Training camp consists of an 8-phase program to enhance power, endurance and speed: by having twice a day workout routine which includes a 3-hour weight-lifting session in the morning and a 3-hour sparing session in the afternoon for 6-days a week. In the last three months of camp training has been shortened to 2 2-hour a day sessions for 6-straight days.


Yousef Karami



Their weight-lifting session is broken down into two three parts weights, plyometrics, which is a type of exercise designed to produce fast and powerful movements, that is used to improve performance in sports that involve speed, quickness and power and finally cardiovascular.


Sousan Hajipour


Their diet regiment consisted of low sodium, high protein, low fat and high carbohydrate foods. In addition for the past 10-months fried foods have also been deleted. The additional supplements administered by the team’s physician to increase performance are multi vitamins, whey protein, l-arginine, BCAA, HMB and glutamine.

Source: Press TV

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