LONDON 20120

Eleven flags and an oath taken by Taekwondo athletes

The spectacular opening ceremony for the Olympics just ended in London, and it had eleven flags representing Taekwondo and an Olympic oath in hands of Sarah Stevenson.



Eleven nations chose Taekwondo athletes to carry their national flags during the opening ceremony on July 27 at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, located within the Olympic Park in London.


The first Olympic delegation to enter was Greece represented by taekwondo athlete Alexandros Nikolaidis (+80 kg), Sub Olympic Champion in Athens and Beijing.


The ten subsequent Taekwondo representatives were: Nesar Ahmad Bahawi from Afghanistan (-80 Kg.), Arman Yeremyan from Armenia (-80 Kg.), Davin Sorn from Cambodia (+67 Kg.), Nadin Dawani from Jordan (+67 Kg.), Patrick Boui from Central African Republic (-68 Kg.), Gabriel Mercedes from Dominican Republic (-58 Kg.), Maria del Rosario Espinoza from Mexico (+67 Kg.), Wiam Dislam from Morocco (+67 Kg.), Andrea Paoli from Lebanon (-57 Kg.) and Tameem Al-Kubati from Yemen (-58 Kg.).


The Olympic oath for the atletes was taken by the two times champion and Taekwondo medalist Sarah Stevenson from Great Britain, where she said that they would commit “respect for the opponent as for a sport without doping and without drugs.”



Therefore for everybody that is part of Taekwondo was actually a very pleasant feeling to know that all these athletes where considered by their countries as representative figures within their nations.


Taekwondo will make its appearance on August 8 from 9 in the morning, UK time, until August 11. Each day will be for a different division (Fly, Feather, Welter and Heavy).
Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusivo


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