LONDON 20120

Prep for Scoring

The International Referee-Coach Joint Training Camp.


The International Referee-Coach Joint Training Camp is ready for every possible issue that can happen during the games.





On June 12, an engineer from SWISS TIMING joined the training that day as the company is in charge of scoring for all the games in the Olympics.


The score board to be used for the Taekwondo game will feature athletes’ names, countries, scores, the results of the video analysis and etc.


If a video analysis is requested, the score board will show the image of the recording on the bottom of the screen and when the request will be overruled the screen will show “x”, which remains until the end of the game, meaning the coach has no longer has the request card. But when accepted, the image will disappear directly.


There will be 6 cameras in total to provide more accurate analysis and 3 video analysis screen in total will be used for the Olympics.



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