Ji Ho Choi toured in South America

The president of the Pan American Union of Taekwondo was in Brazil and Paraguay and at the end of June he will be in Argentina. With less than five months before the elections of PATU, Choi has began his campaign for reelection.

Carlos Fernandes, president of the Brazilian Confederation, Yong Min Kim and Ji Ho Choi, PATU president.



Neither in his visit to Brazil or Paraguay, any public mention was made for the upcoming president election, but according to sources from both countries, the election subject occupied great part in the agenda of the leader of PATU.


It is worth mentioning that in previous elections the vote of the Caribbean islands (almost half of all PATU National Member Associations), was key to winning elections, but now the statutes are state that all MNA without any proven sport activity shall not vote.



Analyzing the above, it is logical that any who aspires to the presidency of PATU make lobby with those countries who are active and not with those who aren’t, since they do not represent any vote in favor or against.



There is a lot of speculation with possible candidates for president of PATU, the only one so far that has made public interest is Ji Ho Choi, and with so short time ahead for the elections to be held in Bolivia during the 2012 Pan American Taekwondo Championships, it is difficult that another candidate interested in the presidency of America, can defeat the current leader of PATU.



PATU president, Ji Ho Choi, next to Osvaldo Caceres, president of the Paraguayan Federation of Taekwondo. Team



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