Ji Ho Choi called to an Exco and Council meeting

United States - 2012/05/05 - spoke with the president of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, but we could not know what would be the purpose of the meeting, Choi said that he only would answer if our reporter revealed the source of information.


What should be a telephone interview with the PATU President, Ji Ho Choi, became an obsession to know the source of to obtain information about the meeting that will hold on May 25, (called by him) at the United States.

Choi, who keep saying that only publishes rumors about the Pan American Union, had the opportunity to give his opinions about different issues concerning to the organization and to give his opinions about our publications, but instead this he only wanted to know the source of the information, to the point of threatening that if we didn’t give to him names he won’t speak, he turned action, interrupting the communication abruptly.

Everything started after the email that Ji Ho Choi sent to the “PATU EXCO and Council Members” inviting them to a meeting on May 25, time that will take place in occasion of 2012 Pan American Junior Open International Taekwondo Championships, which will be held at the Oregon Convention Center in the U.S. city of Portland, Oregon.

By knowing this information and knowing that within PATU meetings are practically nonexistent, was that we wanted to go directly to Ji Ho Choi, for details.


Hello Master Ji Ho Choi, i am talking from, do you have some minutes for us?

… Ok, sure …

We have the information of the Executive Council meeting will be held on the occasion of the Pan American Junior Open International, is this true?

Yes, it is.

We want to know what is the purpose of this meeting?

Could you tell me who told you we’d have this meeting?

We have constant communication with the most part of Council members PATU …

Who is the person who gave you this information?

I repeat, we talked with most part of them.

Yes, but who is the person? Tell me the name.

We have many names, but we are an information (interrupts)

Yes, yes, I understand that you are a public web site, but an Exco and Council Meeting is not public information …

I understand but as I said … (interrupts)

But you must tell me who told you we’d have this meeting?, Only PATU Council members know about it, I never told you, you never asked me anything. You guys always write bad things about PATU Why? …

Okay, you are able to say whatever you want, but as I told you we don’t talk bad things about PATU … (interrupts)

But you have been, but you have been! All articles are you published about PATU are criticizing, without consulting anyone, without consulting me or any member of the Council, any rumor you hear you write it …

Ok, you have the right to say … (interrupts)

We are an organization, so I need you to tell me Who told you we’d have this meeting?

I cannot give you names … (Interrupts)

Ok fine, then I don´t need to talk to you also.

Please, all we want to know is … (hangs up)


“Original Audio”


We had many questions to do, but obviously the PATU president only concerned to know where get information, not realizing that for a journal to know that will be a meeting like this is actually a very simple thing to know.

Our intention was to know the reason for this meeting in an event where hardly any Latin American team come, or What if many members of the Executive Council does not come?, Will he take a decision by himself? Would the people know the results of this meeting?

We are actually surprised about the mystery with which Choi is handling matters about PATU and we can only say that we would liked to know many answers to questions that probably he won’t have answer and we can only say: “if you don’t have nothing to hide, you don’t have to be afraid”.


Matías Rojas, Exclusive

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