MasTaekwondo.com lands in Asia

By overcoming stages, consolidating goals and breaking barriers is how our media has once again reached the top and will soon land in the faraway lands of China.




Mr. Kwanin Lim head of Martial Art Network with Matías Rojas, general manager of masTaekwondo.com



The Republic of China is not only the world´s second largest economic power but historically it has also played an important role in the development of Taekwondo. Dozens of world champions and so many Olympic medals demonstrate why of Chinese power.


Therefore, as protagonists of memorable pages of Taekwondo and consequently of masTaekwondo.com, we felt it was time to land in such oriental lands.


Thanks to an international agreement concluded with the Martial Art Network firm, all news published in masTaekwondo.com will be translated and published into Mandarin Chinese language.


The more than 1300 million people of the Republic of China plus the numerical equivalent residing abroad will have access to the news of our media.


The proposal of working together came from the Asian company, who contacted masTaekwondo.com through the World of Taekwondo Federation itself, being the WTF the promoter of this international agreement, who recognized the huge popularity of our media and the achieved remarkable institutional position within the global area.


Every one that is part of the masTaekwondo.com team feels proud that
our media is in the eyes once again, it is a work that we have been
doing for 9 years in which we have diffused Taekwondo throughout
the entire world.


We believe that the limits of growth are only self-imposed.


Matias Rojas, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com


Translation Silvana Ramírez Cuevas




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