The Ranking Will Be Taken in Account Until June 30

After hearing about the news that for the drawing of graphs at the Olympic Games the Ranking will be taken in account until March, we decided to communicate directly with the WTF and this is what they explained us.

The news spread during the U.S. Open in Las Vegas, where a very good source assured us that London 2012 will respect the cumulative scores in the World Ranking until March, therefore, the last event that would have provided points would have been the Open U.S.


When we communicated with the World Taekwondo Federation they assured us that they must respect the “Olympic Standing Procedure” and this procedural guide states in its article 4.2 that the eight (8) best located in the WTF Ranking published on July 1, will head standard, while the eight (8) remaining will be drawn.


Thereby, it is clear that the different athletes will have the opportunity to accumulate points in the various competitions approved by the WTF until June 30, 2012.


An important fact to consider was that the 25% of the score to be lost starting a new year (January), this time it was done a month later so that who had participated in the pre-Olympics conducted during 2011, have no disadvantage with who competed in the Pre-Olympics of 2012. (Africa and Europe).


“In general, the Ranking points of each athlete reduce by a 25% at the end of each year. However, this was done at the end of January 2012, since the European Qualification Tournament was the last continental and was held at the end of January 2012”. Jung-ae Park explained to masTaekwondo.com


“I assure you that the seeding of the different divisions of Taekwondo in the Olympic Games in London will be based in the points accumulated in the Ranking until the end of June 2012, and will be announced on July 1, 2012.” Concluded the responsible of the WTF Sports Division.



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