Everything is ready for World Taekwondo Open 2012

More than 2.500 athletes from 15 countries are already provided for the participation of the “5th World Taekwondo Open” that will be held in High Performance Centre La Loma 7th and 8th of April 2012.


As a preamble to this great event there will be held a Training Camp for many of the athletes who will also participate in the competition.

So far more than a month of starting these major events, there are already 15 countries that will have representation of athletes, both clubs as state and national teams. Canada, USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Panama and Brazil are among the confirmed countries.

Also 14 states of Mexico with their complete teams and views on the preparation towards the National Olympiad 2012 in Mexico will be present at the World Taekwondo Open and seven of them on the Training Camp.

Because of the large number of participants it will be installed eight (8) fight areas for both days and an area of 600 square meters for warming up and training, all this supported by the Mexican Taekwondo Federation , Association Potosina of Taekwondo and sponsored by, Daedo International, Daedo Mexico and Adidas.




The Director of these events, Ireno Fargas, told exclusively for that this year as the past years too, the goal is to provide the highest quality to all guests, both from different countries, as for the people from different places in Mexico. “We are working and preparing together with the Association Potosina of Taekwondo all logistics, organizational matters and arbitration, so it will be a great success as in past years.” explained the director of events.

“For June and July we are working on Training Camp for teams that are qualified for London 2012, where we will have the participation of about 15 to 20 athletes qualified for this event. Athletes come from Europe, Africa and Latin America and in that time we will inform everything through this media” ended Ireno Fargas.



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