No event will score for the Olympic Games

The news is not 100% confirmed, but apparently the last championship that will count to score points is the U.S. Open. The events from now on will be ranqueables, but for the J.J.O.O. the Ranking of March 2012 will be taken in account.

From just a few days of the European Open Championships, the news that assure that the World Ranking that will be taken in account to establish the seeded teams in Taekwondo during the next Olympic Games in London, will be on March 2012, being the U.S. Open recently held in Las Vegas which is the last ranqueable championship that will add useful points.


This means that on just a few days of the World Ranking of March, we will get an idea of who will be the top seeds in each division; this means that five months before the Olympic Games, we will have some evidence and the possibility to imagine who will be the defining players in some combats.



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