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Mr. Jin Suk Yang named Chairman of the WTF Academy

The World Taekwondo Federation is pleased to announce that Mr. Jin Suk Yang has been named as Chairman of the WTF Academy.

The World Taekwondo Federation steps up focus on education

After 5 years of distinguished service to the WTF and the taekwondo family, Mr. Yang has been given the nod to head up the education efforts for world taekwondo. As part of the WTF’s 2012 theme of “Spreading Hope and dreams to the Youth of the World through Taekwondo,” great attention and concentration will be paid to the development of educational programs particularly for young taekwondo athletes. These programs will be implemented at WTF Continental Youth Camps around the world, as well as at the Taekwondo Park that will open in 2013.

The taekwondo community is confident that Mr. Yang’s experience as Secretary General of an Olympic International Sport Federation will further the infrastructure and operations of the WTF Academy and creating guidelines for research the sport of taekwondo. Additionally, Mr. Yang will be charged with developing training programs for all athletes, coaches and referees in fair play, intercultural friendship building, civic duty, and the Spirit of Olympism.

Mr. Yang’s position as the Chairman of the WTF Academy takes effect as of March 1, 2012.



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