Aaron Cook, Great Britain’s thorn

The English athlete abandoned the program of National Taekwondo Selection of Great Britain last year, due to differences with the Technical Team. Since then, he has been following a plan that’s completely different from the rest of team.

Aaron Cook after consecrated in recent days, U.S. Open Champion 2012.


Among the English selection, which will host the Olympic Games with a full team, Aaron Arthur Cook, Absolute European Champion and World Youth Champion, is still unconfirmed, since the managers of the national program did not like his media-covered withdrawal from the national program. (See note)


Unofficially, masTaekwondo.com obtained information which asserts that Cook would not be confirmed to participate in London 2012 but, if he continues to obtain good results at Open tournaments or at the European Taekwondo Championship, which will take place in Manchester this May, it would be very difficult to leave him out.


Aaron Cook continues to work with his personal trainer and his brother for sparring, with a completely different calendar and plan than the ones followed by the national team. While directors for Great Britain assert that the moment has arrived, they would not count with this young man, born in Dorchester, Dorset, England in 1991, since they have a replacement who is greatly capable of taking his place.


From now on, we need to follow the development of the relationship at the different events in which they participate (both teams from the same country) and, in little time, Great Britain will have to announce to the public who its four choices will be, among whom there are also doubts about Twice World Champion, Sarah Stevenson, due to a knee injury for which she had to undergo surgery recently.




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