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18 European countries go to London 2012 Olympic Games

Armenia clinches a ticket on the last of the tournament to make its first Olympic début in London.

The European Qualification Tournament for the London 2012 Olympic Games successfully wrapped up in Kazan, Russia, January 29, 2012.

On the last of the tournament featured with three weight categories – Women’s under 67kg, Women’s over 67kg and Men’s under 80kg, eight countries won at least one quota place – Turkey, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia, Armenia, Netherlands and Spain. Among them, Slovenia is the only country that won two places today.

Arman Yeremyan has become the first Armenian taekwondo athlete to compete in the Olympic Games by winning the gold medal in Men’s under 80kg weight category. During the European Qualification Tournament, two countries – Serbia and Armenia – seized the last chance to go to London to realize their Olympic dream for the first time.


Medal Winners of Competition


Through the six qualification tournaments – a world and five continental, 120 quota places were awarded to 58 countries. With the four places assigned to the host country, Great Britain, taken into account, the figures stand at 59 for the number of qualified countries and 124 for allocated quota places.

Europe has reaffirmed its dominant position in taekwondo as its 18 member countries have secured 39 places out of 124 for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

No of Qualified Countries and Quota Places by Continent


Continent: Asia; No of Qualified NOCs: 14; No of Places: 35

Continent: Pan America; No of Qualified NOCs: 14; No of Places: 26

Continent: Europe; No of Qualified NOCs: 18; No of Places: 39

Continent: Oceania; No of Qualified NOCs: 4; No of Places: 8

Continent: Africa; No of Qualified NOCs: 9; No of Places: 16


Click here to see detailed list of NOCs qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games.

On top of the 124 there remain last four places which will be allocated through tripartite consultation among the WTF, IOC and Association of National Olympic Committee (ANOC), so called “wild card”.

A total of 128 taekwondo athletes will compete for their Olympic dream in London from August 8 to 11, 2012.



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