The 12th Pan Arab Games took place in Doha, Qatar

The Pan Arab Games are a recognized multi-sport event which takes place every four years among the nations of the Arab world. They are organized by the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees. The first Games were performed in 1953 in Alexandria, Egypt.


The constant political problems in the area generated a regularity in the celebration; nevertheless they are sill celebrated with great success. Taekwondo made its debut during the VIII Games in Beirut, Lebanon.

It is important to mention that women could not compete until 32 years later, when the Pan Arab Games held in Rabat, Morocco in 1985.

In this 12th edition the main venue was the Khalifa International Stadium in the city of Doha. It is worth mentioning that it is the first time Qatar hosts as a sporting event.


>>> Taekwondo results <<<







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