Taekwondo Leaders unite for Olympic Status

IOC Evaluation Program scheduled for 2013.

Leaders from taekwondo governing bodies have come together calling for united support to maintain the sport’s global status. Park Sun-kyu, vice minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, sat down with taekwondo officials, including World Taekwondo Federation President Choue Chungwon, in Seoul to discuss ways of making the Korean martial art a core Olympic sport. Also joining at the table were Bae Jhong-shin, chairman of the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation, Kukkiwon President Kang Won-sik and Cho Yong-ki, vice president of Korea Taekwondo Association.

The officials agreed to establish a consultative conference and hold a regular meeting for the development of taekwondo. The International Olympic Committee will have another evaluation of all olympic sports scheduled in 2013. There wil bel selected 25 core sports from the current 26 sports for the 2020 Olympics in September 2013.

Currently it is not sure whether taekwondo can be in the 2020 Olympics, and that is why a close cooperation between all Taekwondo related bodies is necessary, said Vice Minister Park. WTF President Choue said the imminent task for taekwondo will be the London 2012 Olympics. “We’ve made several changes to make it a more dynamic sport.” Choue said.

He noted that London will be the first Olympics that will introduce the video replay system and new point rule. “The competition venue size will also be reduced from 10 meters by 10 meters to 8 meters by 8 meters to make it more exciting.” Choue said. The WTF chief added that he is confident that taekwondo will remain on the Olympic program. According to Choue, the WTF is now the sixth largest international sports federation with 200 member nations.










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