Korea, United States and Mexico are the only ones with a perfect classification

Only these three countries ranked far their four representatives, not to mention that Britain which is host. There are still two qualifiers pending (Africa and Europe) there are positions achieved for 41 nations.

Both Mexico and the United States had not qualified anyone in the world stage in Baku (see Baku results) however, they knew how to change this situation in the American Championship Qualifier (See results for Queretaro). The representative of Korea, was the only team to qualify all four positions in the World Olympic Qualifier.

Great Britain (host country for the Olympic Games in London) does not participate in any of the qualifying tournaments because of its status as host country they automatically qualify their four athletes. They have informed that the categories for London 2012 are: Male -68kg. and -80kg. and female -57kg. and 67kg.

Of the 128 positions 84 have been divided (including 4 in Great Britain) besides the World Classification and the American mentioned before, there was also the Oceania Continental Qualifier (See results of Noumea) and the Asian Continental Qualifier (See results of Bangkok).

By January 2012 there are planned two remaining qualifiers (Africa and Europe) that will deliver 40 more positions (16 Africa and 24 Europe). The 4 places to complete the 128 positions will come from a selection between all the requests for the Wild Card, that will be delivered after an analysis done by a tripartite commission.

A year ago, the World Taekwondo Federation presented a detailed report were it perfectly described all the Classification System (See Note).

For August of next year we will enjoy the fourth Olympic Game were Taekwondo will have its official place.



>>> London 2012 Olympic Games / Qualified NOCs <<<



Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas

Original Note (Spanish): Corea, Estados Unidos y México, únicos con clasificación perfecta


Claudio Aranda, Team






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