MasTaekwondo.com will be the “Official Sponsor” of the Olympic qualifying

In a huge effort to support the growth of Taekwondo in the America continent, masTaekwondo.com has closed a major sponsorship agreement to sponsor the Pan American Qualification Tournament for London 2012 Olympic Games.


The American continent and the whole world is looking forward for the “WTF Pan American Qualification Tournament for London 2012 Olympic Games”, where all the remaining places for the new continent will be defined, and masTaekwondo.com will be present in Mexico with all the logistic that characterizes us and ranks us as the No. 1 news media in the world.

Thanks to the support of the Mexican Federation of Taekwondo and the president, LEA Juan Manuel López Delgado, masTKD.com, will be transmitting the results of the last Pan American chance to enter the long-waited Olympic Games.

We will be exclusively transmitting live direct from Arena Queretaro to keep you informed of the results minute by minute, images, videos, news articles, television reports and online transmission.

Our organization is making a big production effort so that the transmission can reach each home with the best quality to keep you informed about the sport that you have adopted as own.

The greatest desire that an athlete can have is to get to the Olympics, and the greatest desire that we have is to be with them on their way to reach their long-waited dream.

MasTaekwondo.com, searching for the American Olympic dream…



Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas

Original Note (Spanish): MasTaekwondo.com será “Patrocinador Oficial” del Preolímpico


Matías Rojas, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com









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