The contest begins “Become a Coach in America”

In a contest where you can bring to light the “Coach” in you, and you will have the opportunity to win $200 cash and an exclusive interview in


The XVI Panamerican Games Guadalajara 2011 already have all their classifieds in Taekwondo, so many experts on our sport, will surely have their forecast of how the podiums will be conformed for the different Olympic categories.

Qualified for Guadalajara 2011

This contest will close one day before the 1st day of Taekwondo Guadalajara 2011, and the one who most accurately guesses the conformation of the podiums, will be awarded as “Coach of America”

To participate, you need to download the Excel file attached to this note, rename the file by putting your name, for example, (John_Smith.xls), after you have completed the form with all your information send it to and as the subject, please write “CONTEST”.

NOTE: Please, take into account that being an Excel document it consists of two sheets (the MEDALISTS and CLASSIFIEDS) and you can go from one page to the other by clicking on the tabs at the bottom.




As it is known, many teams that classified with a particular athlete, will no longer be with this athlete in the Panamerican Games, so please put the acronym of the country and not the name of the person that classified.

For example, this is what you need to put on the Excel file:


Fly Male Category:


2) BRA

3) GUA

4) COL


We need to take into account that Mexico will participate in the eight categories for they will be hosting, also eight Wild Cards will be granted as part of this contest, so you can add countries in categories that did not classified, if you believe they will classify for those categories.

Also take into account that to participate you need to become a fan on in Facebook:, and also complete your information on the Excel file, write as a subject Contest and then send it to


The Regulation of punctuation will be as follows:

Whoever guesses the gold will get 7 points

Whoever guesses the silver will get 3 points

Whoever guesses the bronze will get 1 point

The winner will be the one who gets more points

If there is a tie, the winner will be defined by the quality of the guessed medals, meaning that if anyone got the same amount of points with silver and bronze and another one has the same amount of points with silver and gold, this last one wins.

The $200 award will be sent through Western Union or MoneyGram.

The contest closes on October 14.

The results will be announced on Tuesday November 1, 2011.








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