Lajust will be used in Guadalajara and Daedo in Querétaro

This was recently confirmed to masTaekwondo.com by Juan Manuel López Delgado the FEMEXTKD president, in a telephone conversation after a meeting with the Organizing Committee and the president of PATU, Ji Ho Choi.

The surprising decision was made after two meetings in which apparently the action taken on August 27 by the World Taekwondo Federation in which they confirmed that the company Lajust was no longer recognized by the WTF was ignored. (See note).

The meeting held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Mexico was attended by officials of the Organizing Committee of the Pan American Games in Guadalajara 2011, the president of the American Teakwondo Union, Ji Ho Choi, senior representatives of the Spanish company MSL, who will be responsible for graphs and scoring system, the president of the “Federación Mexicana de Taekwondo”, Juan Manuel López and Master Korean-Mexican Council Member of the World Federation, Dai Won Moon.

The decision to use Lajust in America, had been a possibility due to the closeness between the company and the president of PATU, which suggested that one way or another the PSS system would be used in at least one of the events in Mexico.

So, in one month for the Pan American Games and in two months for the Querétaro Continental Olympic Qualification Championship, the different teams already know which scoring system they will use, and based on this they will start their trainings as both PSS are very different from each other.

When we asked Juan Manuel López, if there could be a surprisingly change in all this, he stated that there was no way, for this was already confirmed: “Lajust will be used in Guadalajara and Daedo in Querétaro.”



Translation: Silvana Ramírez Cuevas

Original Note (Spanish): En Guadalajara se utilizará Lajust y en Querétaro Daedo


Exclusive, masTaekwondo.com Team







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