2011 Pan American Games – Protector and Scoring System (PSS)

Message from WTF General Secretary, Jin Suk Yang.




September 15, 2011


Mr. Ivar Sisniega Campbell

Director of Sports

2011 Pan American Games Taekwondo


Re: 2011 Pan American Games – Protector and Scoring System (PSS)


Dear Mr. Campbell,


I trust that the preparations for the upcoming 2011 Pan American Games are well on the way including taekwondo event taking place on October 15-18, 2011 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

I am writing to you with sense of urgency regarding the Protector and Scoring System (PSS) to be used at this event. We were reported by our Continental Union in Pan American region that LaJust will be used for the event.

However, the recognition contract between the WTF and LaJust was terminated as of August 26, 2011 due to failure of LaJust to improve critical technical problems that were identified and requested for improvement within certain period by the WTF.

Since Pan American Games taekwondo competition shall take place in compliance with pertinent International Federation that is World Taekwondo Federation for taekwondo, I believe that the use of WTF-recognized equipment will be required.

We fully assume that the Organizing Committee has been preparing for relevant equipment for sport of taekwondo from long time before and that the change of equipment one month before the event would be challenging in many aspects.

In this regard, please be advised that Daedo PSS is now the only WTF-recognized PSS Company and the one to be used at London 2012 Olympic Games. Given the extraordinary situation, the WTF will be able to loan free of charge Daedo PSS and related PSS equipment to 2011 Pan American Games Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee will only be responsible for paying equipment delivery charges and airfare and accommodation of room and board for engineers.

If there is a contract between your Organizing Committee and LaJust made before the WTF’s termination of the recognition contract with LaJust, please let us know.

We regret that we resolve this issue at the last minute preparations stage of the 2011 Pan American Games.

Sincerely yours,



Jin Suk Yang

Secretary General


Cc:        Mr. Dai Won Moon, Technical Delegate

Mr. Ji Ho Choi, President of Pan American Union

Mr. Carlos Andrade Garin, General Director, 2011 Pan Am Games OC

Mr. Valentin Yanes Gonzalez, Taekwondo Competition Manager, 2011 Pan Am Games OC



Source: WTF.

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