Team Canada Departs for 26th Summer Universiade

The 26th Summer Universiade is officially under way in Shenzhen, China and Team Canada has departed with great anticipation of one of the world's largest sporting events.


The city of Shenzhen plays host to the renowned event, the third time in a decade that the Universiade games have found their home in China. In 2001, Beijing hosted the summer games before the 2009 winter games were held in Harbin. Shenzhen has been the fastest growing Chinese city for the last thirty years with a population of 13 million occupying an area of 2020 sqkm.

Canada’s Taekwondo team is comprised of ten athletes, three coaches and one manager. Most notably, Yvette Yong, recent gold medalist at the World Military Games, and Ivett Gonda, two-time Olympian who reached the quarterfinals at the World Championships in Baku, will represent Canada in Shenzhen.

Rachelle Caruso, Derick Pun, John Chan, Jeremy Reeve, Jason Song, Vadim Korotchenko, Marshall Jen and Kevin Hatt will also wear the red and white at the Games.

The coaching staff of the Taekwondo team is Master Ashley Castaneda, Master Shin Wook Lim and Master Joel Ridley with Master Scott Woodhouse fulfilling the role of Manager at the games. Woodhouse has been involved in the Universiade as a team manager or coach since 2005.

The Taekwondo competition kicks-off days later on August 18th through to August 23rd.

Canada’s delegation will once again be of the largest competing in the biennial World University Games. A grand total of 349 individuals will proudly adorn the maple leaf in Shenzhen including 246 student-athletes and 103 coaches, medical and administration staff. In addition, 11 Canadian referees and judges will also play an important role at the FISU Games.

“We are thrilled to be in Shenzhen for what promises to be a memorable Universiade,” said Canadian chef de mission Peter Baxter, the director of athletics and recreation at Wilfrid Laurier University. “We expect very good performances from our Canadian student-athletes and are confident they will have an unforgettable experience over the next few weeks.”

At the 2009 Universiade, the Canadian delegation of 212 athletes (307 in total) won 15 medals in total – eight in track and field and seven in swimming including gold medals in the women’s 4x400m relay in track and then women’s 400m freestyle in swimming.

Join in our support of Team Canada including our Taekwondo athletes as they strive to reach the podium at the 26th Summer Universiade.





  • Athletes


Yvette Yong -46kg

Ivett Gonda -53kg

Rachelle Caruso +73kg

Derick Pun -58kg

John Chan -63kg

Jeremy Reeve -68kg

Jason Song -74kg

Vadim Korotchenko -80kg

Marshall Jen -87kg

Kevin Hatt +87kg



  • Coaches


Master Ashley Castaneda

Master Shin Wook Lim

Master Joel Ridley



  • Manager


Master Scott Woodhouse



Source: Taekwondo Canada.

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